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Organize Gmail

Automatically categorize new email and label 1000s of existing emails in 10 minutes for free!

Get your Gmail inbox under control quickly and keep it organized

Create and control categories of email in Gmail using Gmail's labels to organize your Gmail

Create and control
categories of email

Create categories with labels that
work for you and your email.

Organize email by creating and editing categories

Organize existing and
filter incoming email

Control settings for each category to
archive and hide email from your inbox.

Organize email fast using drag and drop

Sort fast
with drag & drop

Organize emails automatically into
categories based on the sender.

What people say after they organize Gmail

Organize Email Customer Megan E. Testimonial
Meghan E. -- Accountant

"I was getting hundreds of emails a day and struggled to stay on top of my email. Now I'm only seeing the emails I want each day, and the rest are getting filed away for later. I couldn't have asked for more."

Organize Email Customer Julia B. Testimonial
Julia B. -- Student

"Wow! This is incredible. It's really easy to use, and I organized my email so fast. Now I can see beyond the mess, and my inbox looks so good."

Organize Email Customer Matt E. Testimonial
Matt E. -- Engineer

"I've never been able to organize my email this well. I really like the hide from inbox feature, which cleaned up my email quickly. My inbox hasn't made this much sense to me in over 15 years!"

In 10 minutes you can organize 1000’s of emails.

In less than a week you can change your inbox for life!

10 minutes
Organize 1000's
of emails
1 week
Change your
inbox for life
30 days
Take time
setting it up
1 year
Best value for
a busy inbox

Life's too short to feel overwhelmed with your email.

Organize Email is free to try

Try before you buy, for free

Start fast for free with no credit card required. After 10 minutes, pay $3.99 to keep organizing.

Organize Email is always secure and private

Always secure and private

We don't see or store any of your emails
and won't sell any of your data.